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JAGDISC 008 (50 min.)

Performance: Personable
Recording: Fine

Jonathan Gregg, a songwriter in the enriched mode of Marshall Crenshaw and Jules Shear, plays sophisticated pop for not-so-now people; he's definitely more word-of-mouth thant flavor-of-the-month. On his second album, the pop aspect — the engaging melodies, the seamless flow, the enviable knack for a clever turn of phrase — is what pulls you in. but the sophisticated aspect — his complex, craftsmanlike guitar work, the compulsive intellect driving it all — is what keeps a discriminating listener coming back for more.


Beyond the delectable choruses and indelible hooks, the big payoffs in these songs are the guitar solos, cleanly articulated jewels of self-expression that recall Richard Thompson's piercing six-string epiphanies. Their tone and temperament are unfailingly suited to the emotional subtext of the songs, such as the tremulous wow-and-flutter of the brief but tasty solo in A Bit of Mrs. Jones, a tale of seduction whose particulars bring to mind the scenario of The Graduate.

Lightly dusted with a hint of country, a dash of reggae, and a soupçon of shameless Sixties popcraft, Gregg's songs take off from familiar reference points but land in places he can proudly claim as his own. A good time is guaranteed — unconditionally.


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