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My main influences on the steel are Jay Dee Maness, Lloyd Green and Buddy Emmons, although I learn something new from almost every player I hear. There's no Suzuki method for pedal steel guitar; it's still a very lore-intensive, oral kind of tradition, and I have sought out instruction from some fine teachers, notably Russ Wever, John Widgren and the late Jeff Newman. I have also benefited enormously from the help and advice of other steelers, who are as convivial a little cult as you could ever hope to find.

Having been a songwriting bandleader as well as a sideman over the years, I have great respect for the importance of the tune. Pedal steel is perfectly suited to bridging different sections of a composition and providing a counterpoint to the vocal line. I try to find parts that complement the mood and support the structure of the tune in a memorable way; ideally it becomes an integral part of the piece. The tension between challenging yourself on the instrument and finding the perfect part to propel the song is where it comes alive.

The Doc Marshalls | Arty Hill

"One of the key strengths throughout was the pedal steel player Jonathan Gregg. He made that instrument sing time and again, adding a number of fast, but taut runs to really power the sound."
     —Jeffrey B. Remz, Country Standard Time