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These are some recordings I have done on the pedal steel:


Lonely at the Top by The Doc Marshalls


Why Do Hearts Grow Cold is by Deena Shoshkes


If You Change Your Mind is by Caroline Kovas


Falling Falling Falling is by the Lonesome Billys

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You can purchase the recordings below on CD by emailing, or via download at Bandcamp ( or Apple Music.
Jonathan Gregg The Hardest Goodbye

Sentimental Journey | Memory Lane |
City Rocks (Is This the Way...?) | No Good Night | Way Down Down | Pictures of the Two of Us | She's the One for Me | Welcome to My Universe | Love Child | Heartbreak House | Grow Me Down | The Billy Waltz


  Jonathan Gregg Unconditional  

Available via download only.

A Bit of Mrs. Jones | Unconditional |
Take Him Away | Thirsty Man | I Got Lost |
Hey Beautiful | Shades of Blue| Afraid of
Love | Three Dollar Dance | Lovers' Triangle | Stay All Night | All Tried Out

  Jonathan Gregg Blue On Blonde  

Girl About a Song | Blue On Blonde |
By Heart Again | Empty Rooms | White Picket Fence Life | Heartache 109 | All Bygones |
Luck Ran Out | Let's Not Talk Anymore |
Staying On Catherine | Famous Last Girl |
The Real Words | Sure Been Scared