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Top 10 Ambient Albums of 2018 (So Far), by Sam Rosean. [full article]

SUSS: Ghost Box, by Richard Gehr. [full article]

SUSS: Ghost Box, by John Schacht. [full article]

  the linemen  
the linemen

Root 66: The Linemen's Roadside Favorites

No depression - the linemen
The Linemen Close the Place Down on New Album. Interview by Tara Joan. [full article]

Jonathan Gregg & the Lonesome Debonairs

... They don't write 'em like that anymore — but fortunately Jonathan Gregg does." [full article]


"Mr. Gregg, a nice guy with heaps of star potential, is a stellar guitarist, an able singer, and one of the most prolific and gifted writers to roll down the pike since John Hiatt."

... Living Colour's Vernon Reid named Gregg one of New York's brightest talents and Rolling Stone called him a "triple-threat guitarist, singer, and songwriter [who writes] urbane, country-pop winners." Unconditional is a gem, sparkling with melodic wit and revaling a new facet at every turn." [full article]

"He seamlessly merges rock, folk, pop and a subtle country charm into the kind of stuff that has you singing along by the second chorus of your first listen. That's a key to what makes Gregg so good. He's from a school in which melody rules, and he has plenty of melodies; every song claims at least one, some two or three, with Gregg doing balancing act between guitar and vocal hooks." [full article]

"Guitarist Jonathan Gregg plays some of the best guitar I've ever heard — imagine Mark Knopfler with genius rather than talent."

"...the engaging melodies, the seamless flow, the enviable knack for a clever turn of phrase — is what instantly pulls you in. But the sophisticated aspect — his complex, craftsman-like guitar work, the compulsive intellect driving it all — is what keeps a discriminating listener coming back for more." [full article]

"When making out your list of Songwriters I Can't Live Without, slip in Gregg's name right there between Marshall Crenshaw and John Hiatt — he's that good."

"Not just terrific, it's resolutely unique... rocks like mad and features songs that echo in your brain like classics you've heard for the last twenty years. I can't recommend it highly enough." [full article]

"'s a superb record that delivers finely crafted songs with razor-sharp melodies, witty lyrics, and guitar playing that combines taste, invention, and blistering technique."

"Singer-songwriter and lead guitarist Jonathan Gregg wastes no time demonstrating his flair for writing songs with more hooks than a flashy fish lure..." [full article]

"Weirdly hypnotic country rock, which crams intelligence and edginess into a deceptively good-time attitude."

"Another sterling collection of songs... a fine singer and a terrific guitar player... Any major-label songwriter would kill for songs as solid as "A Bit of Mrs. Jones," "Take Him Away" and "Shades of Blue."

"Fresh and engaging... writing far too curious and clever to let his pop influences, no matter how cherished, get in the way of a good time or a good song."