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Jonathan Gregg and the Lonesome Debonaires

By the time we released our first CD, Blue On Blonde, in 1992 on our own Jagdisc label, the personnel had changed to include Chris Smylie on bass and Michael McMahon on guitar, who were to become the permanent core lineup. The CD got some really nice reviews in national publications, including a three-and-a-half-star writeup in Rolling Stone. I got a publishing deal, and the band did a series of tours with They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Gregg and the Lonesome Debonairesappeared on Vin Scelsa's cool radio show, Idiot's Delight. A little while later Ken Meyer left, and in 1994 we released Unconditional, our second CD, with Stanley John Mitchell on drums.

The next several years were marked by intermittent touring and one more personnel change, with Nat Seeley joining on drums in 1995. Our final CD, The Hardest Goodbye, came out in 1998 and had some of our best songs, but when Chris was offered the chance to play bass in the pit orchestra for The Full Monty on Broadway, we didn't feel like replacing him, and we played our final gig at Fez in March 2000. It was a great show that reminded us of why we had done it for so long, but it was a good time to stop and do something else.